Refractive Field Theory of Gravity

General relativity explains gravity as an apparent force due to the curvature of space-time.

What is a space-time? Why should it be asymptotically flat, and constrained to three dimensions? Is space-time REALLY curved? How do we know gravity is not a field of some substance?

If light travels along a geodesic, and geodesics are the definition of straight, with respect to what does gravity bend light?

Tensor arithmetic biases us towards curvature, and considering higher dimensions. If space-time is curved, we should be able to construct five parallel time-like curves whose respective distances are not Euclidean, the definitive proof of a curved space.

Octonion physics suggests that a space-time should be flat and three dimensional, and all dynamics due to fields. If gravity is a field, this field should have an energy density whose weight needs to be considered.

Adding an index of refraction, to account for the observed time dilation, as a property of such a field then produces the refractive field theory of gravity.

Section 1: Energy density of the field
Section 2: Index of refraction
Section 3: Spherically symmetric static field
Section 3.1: Observed energy at r
Section 3.2: Potential energy at r
Section 3.3: Precession of Mercury
Section 3.4: Bending of light
Section 4: Moving fields
Section 4.1: Gyropic field
Section 4.2: Anisotropy of refractive index
Section 4.3: Gravity probe B
Section 5: Quantum gravity
Section 5.1: Black hole thermodynamics
Section 5.2: Subatomic mass
Section 5.3: Entropy as photon-graviton pairs, no tired light
Section 5.4: Contrast with entropic theories of gravity
Section 5.5: Gravitational shielding
Section 5.6: Gravitational reflection and dispersion

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